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    Exclamation Unanswered: Report Viewing Error (RecordsetClone ?)

    I have a pretty straightforward report which displays detailed cost information in a parts database. The report displays flawlessly on EVERY computer I have tested it on, except my client's (which is really the only one that counts. When it is run on this computer, the report displays fine through page 3, but when the 4th page is attempted to be viewed or printed, the following error is given:

    Cannot open a form whose underlying query contains a User Defined Function that attempts to set or get the form's RecordsetClone property.

    Any ideas on why a particular computer would be yielding this message when NO OTHER computer seems to have a problem displaying it at all would be greatly appreciated.

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    This suggests that DAO may be incorrectly installed.. a theory that is supported by the fact it is happening on only your client's machine. Try a manual uninstall and re-install of the DAO to ensure it is correctly installed on this machine. Good luck!

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