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    Question Unanswered: MS Access 2000 and Lotus Notes R5

    I developed a VBA Tool using the Lotus Notes Classes that will export Data from a Notes Database into a MS Access table. One of the forms in the database has 375 fields and due to the 255 col. limit in MS Access I coded this tool to split the data into multiple tables of 255 columns.

    One database has over 6000 records, the VBA tool chugged along until MS Access produced an error "Automation error Catastrophic failure" at the 47% mark of completion. The program reported completion of 2974 out of 6289 records. I never saw this error before so I'm not sure what caused it, did I exceed some MS Access Limit on Table size? If anyone has any clue as to what happened please let me know.


    Oscar J. Kerrebyn
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