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    Unanswered: SendObject - Email individual user individual page generated from a report

    I have a report that prints three pages. Each page has its own unique identity.
    Each page is a report of individual manager and each manager has his own email address.
    This email address is stored in a table.

    I want to send an email of each individual page to each individual Manager. I tried using sendobject in event handling. Sendobject sends email of the complete 3 page report to first manager, but not to the individual email address.

    Is there any way where one can specify email addresses for each page?

    I tried using OnPage event on report by executing a macro, but I get the same result since we can specify only one email address in the OnPage, sendObject action

    Can someone help?
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    Hai there, if you want an answer to your problem, this will maybe help, follow my post at:



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