I'm relatively new to Sql Server and most of what I know is via trial and error and google searches.

I've noticed several posts indicating that replication can be initiated through Visual Basic.

My questions are:

1. Is it is possible to initiate replication logic through Visual Basic?

I know that replication can be configured on Sql server, and that the whole process is automatic without regard to programs actually used to maintain tables. It's just that some posts indicate the replication logic is somehow initiated by Visual Basic. I've always just configured replication on Sql server, and not had to worry about the client or server code that maintains/views tables.

2. If it is possible to initiate replication logic through Visual Basic, what are the advantages of doing it that way?

Perhaps if the client is unstable, it offers a better way of insuring replication is performed in a timely manner? Maybe better performance over the network? A disadvantage would seem to be, the cluttering up of client/server software with code that is unnecessary (as the process can be configured to execute without any code).

Maybe I'm just misinterpreting the posts.

Any comments or explanation welcome!!