Hi All,

We have developed a VC++ application to access the Impromptu6.0 API (COM Server). The Impromptu6.0 product installation creates the required registry entries and we were able to access it.

Now we want to get our application to support with Impromptu7.0 product.

When we installed the Impromptu7.0 at very first time in one of our machines it had created the required registry entries for version 7.0 (where the ProgIDs and CLSID are different) and we could access the Impromptu7.0 API and run our application.

But thereafter when we tried to install the 7.0 into other machines, its not creating the required registry entries. Also when we uninstalled the 7.0 from our first machine & reinstalled, it didn't create the registry entries as before. Therefore, we are not able to access the COM API (version 7.0) now. (the user has the administrator rights to the machine when the product is being installed)

Does anybody have the same experience ? Can anyone help us or suggest what can be the reason for not getting created the registry entries.?

We need an urgent help ASAP.

Thanks in advance.