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    Unanswered: Import fail in oracle 8i Err- Imp00037

    Hi all of the Dearest Friends,

    very urgently required .......... if possible

    I am facing one problem in oracle 8i. When i am trying to import the database it's giving the err- IMP-00037 Character set marker unknown

    i want to import my tables successfully. Any one there could help me in my problem.

    @ specs about actions In detail....

    I am trying to import the Tables from one oracle server to another oracle server. The Server from which i exported Tables having the database name PRJDB1 and the The server in which i am going to import has the name PRJDATA1.

    so the question is can this create any problem?

    or any other ideas/steps/helping hands on this.

    Thankx in Advance.

    Software Engineer
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    You can get this error if u are importing between different versions of oracle i.e. export from an 8.1.7 db then trying to import to a 8.1.6 db.

    Are the version of oracle you using the same?

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