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    Unanswered: DLookup -> Timeout

    Hello everybody...
    I've got a little problem using DLookups in VB (Access) with MS Sql 7.0.
    I'm using it to get some data while looping trough a recordset (while not rs.eof ... dlookup ... wend) - the problem is - always on the 81'st recordset I get a timeout ... i wait a couple of seconds and then the code gets halted, press play again and it works... does anybody know a solution to this problem? should i do a instead of a dlookup?

    Thanks for helpin'!

    Greetz - Marc

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    extension of upper thread...
    I've tried with an also, same problem after 80 records...
    It seems like a max-login restriction in the sql server or something...

    Anyone any Idea???


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