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    I am wanting to move all of my support code from my form to a module. However, I seem to be having difficulty. When I try to do this, I seem to not be getting all of my references formy controls on my form. For instance, I have a listbox. I lose my reference for ITEMSELECTED. What am I doing wrong?


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    The form 'knows' its elements. For instance, all following statements are correctly executed from within a form that has a text box control named MyControl:

    MyControl = 0

    If you move the code to a module, statement 1 will tell you that the variable has not been defined, statement 2 will generate a compile error (Me keyword is not accepted outside a form/report). It's only statement 3 that works, because you fully qualify the control you're referring to.

    Therefore, you have to declare and set the control within your module:
    Dim myctr as Control
    Set myctr = Forms("FormName")("ListBoxName")

    Now you should be able to work with ItemsSelected...


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    Thanks...You are the man

    By the way, the sql help from last week worked great.

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