We have an application called Macess, this application stores images in a Pervasive 7 database. The desktop client to the networked application on a Netware 6 server, (exe on a mapped drive) is constantly hanging up with application not responding. It looks like a session is dropped. Macess support has been very non specific, but a hint is this is occurring from the Pervasive component. I find more information that there is a new Auto-reconnect feature in Pervasive 2000 (which comes from the Macess upgrade) but no information from Pervasive or Macess saying that the older version (Pervasive 7 had issues with dropped sessions/connections) Yet if the new improved feature is to have an auto-reconnection, it must have been created because of issues with dropped connections in the older version.

Are you familiar with this dropped session issue in Pervasive 7, how does one show that this is occurring on the server? Errors, in what logs etc. ? Do you have any reference information? It is a big deal for my client to upgrade, so we need to know specifically that upgrading will improve the issue.

Any input would be appreciated.