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Thread: modify OLE link

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    Unanswered: modify OLE link

    We are plan to move about 3000 files from one network drive to another. These files are the sources of OLE links in an Access97 DB. I wonder that Access97 have any tool to do this task automatically since this scenario happens quite frequently. Hate to maually relink 3000 files

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    I don't know of any mechanism to automatically handle your task, but if the files will be located in a similar directory structure, I don't see why a bit of simple code couldn't fix this problem. Just do a step-through for each record containing the OLE link and alter the piece of the location string to match your new configuration.

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    Here is a link Tables: Relink Access tables from code.
    Code posted there may be overkill for your task, but it'll lead you in the right direction.


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