Hi all,

first of all i have to say that i am a complete beginner to spatial data and maybe my question is very simple for experienced people or even stupid, but for me it is a big problem. I have to work with 3 dimensional Data and don't know how this works with oracle spatial data. Exactly i want to store voxels (3 dimensional boxes length x width x height = 1x1x1) into a table. Now i want to group those voxels further and so i need to query the data. All the Voxels are at different coordinates (x,y,z) and i need queries like give me all voxels that are contained within another box (e.g. at coorinate (12,5,8) and measures (10x6x20)). I do not know the correct sql syntax neither for storing the required data nor for querying. The only thing i found out is how to store 3 dimensional points into an oracle spatial mdsys.geometry object, and how to receive the x,y and z-coordinate from it. But when i tested the distance function then it only worked on x and y coorinate and not on z-coordinate. This was just ignored. For help about how i can do the above described i would be very happy. Also i don't want to only store the Voxel coordinates, but also the whole voxel-object althoug it is ungrouped always 1x1x1. But to group the objects i also want to store boxes with bigere measures then 1x1x1 e.g. 20x100x10. Thanks in advance. Hope there are some pros here that can help me.


Markus Veith