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    Question Unanswered: copy db table from one db to another

    how do I copy a table, structure only from one database to another? I select copy in the table view of one database, but then paste is not available to me in table view of the other database. I am transitioning two db tables from a development web server to the production server, in order to go live... I don't want to have to type all of the design in the new table dialog!

    Please help quickly!
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    From Enterprise Manager if you left-click the tablename and under the menu option All Tasks you will see anoth menu option called Emport Data... . This will allow you to export the data and the table structure (if the destination is SQL Server).

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    the quickest way to do it is to go into enterprise manager, and click (single click) on the table that must have its structure copied. press Ctrl-C (ie copy), open query analyser, select the database in which the new table must be created and press Ctrl-V (ie paste). The sql code for creating the table should now appear.

    This works in SQL Server 7. I have not tried it in 2000.

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    For Generating SQL Script:
    1. You can select whatever tables you want in Enterprise manager
    2. Right click and then in "All Tasks" select "Generate SQL Script"

    This is the correct way of generating SQL Script for any objects.

    Have fun.


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