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    Hi I am getting following error messages in my Sybase( errorlog. Can Anybody know about it.


    00:00000:01335:2002/07/30 14:04:30.35 server site_hdlr: No LOGCONN for packet f
    rom site 17, channel 35350
    00:00000:00603:2002/07/30 14:06:07.89 server Error: 1621, Severity: 18, State:
    00:00000:00603:2002/07/30 14:06:07.89 server Type '^R' not allowed before login
    00:00000:00603:2002/07/30 14:06:07.94 server Error: 1621, Severity: 18, State:
    00:00000:00603:2002/07/30 14:06:07.94 server Type '^P' not allowed before login

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    Here is the documentation page for that error category: click

    It states:
    Adaptive Server uses TDS (Tabular Data Stream) packets to communicate with clients. A token is attached to every TDS packet to differentiate between different types of packets. During login, Adaptive Server expects a client to supply either the TDS_LOGIN or TDS_ECHO token.

    Error 1621 occurs when a client sends a token other than TDS_LOGIN or TDS_ECHO at login. Possible causes include:

    Non-printing characters in the login script.

    Another process trying to access the port used by the server.

    An incompatible database driver; for example, an unsupported ODBC driver.

    To see if other processes are interfering with the port, use netstat (UNIX) or Task Manager (NT) and check port status. You can also start the server using a different port number to remove any possible interference.

    Check client applications to make sure logins are using a supported database driver. On NT, you can use the Drivers tab under ODBC Data Source Administrator to see the available drivers.

    Check the TDS login packets being sent to Adaptive Server. To identify the affected logins, you can monitor packets:

    by using trace flags 3605 and 4013 (3605 sends the output to the error log, and 4013 generates the login record)


    Use of trace flag 4013 may generate a large number of messages in the error log.

    with the ribo utility (Version 12.0 and higher).

    Correct your login scripts to remove non-printing characters or control characters, and retry the connection.


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