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    Unanswered: Dates on Access97

    I see a lot of you are puzzled by access dates. Well now read this!!

    I think there is a serious bug in Access97 dates. Has anyone else experienced this in part or full?

    I find that when you update a date field using sql or other means. For part of the month it updates dd/mm/yy and the other part it updates mm/dd/yy.

    Even when by various contortions I get it to update in what looks like a consistant format over the month when I do a date part using "y" for day of the year, the day of the year jumps around between dd/mm/yy format in the same fashion as the format did before, so that although the format as you see it is dd/mm/yy, for part of the month the first two digits are counted as the day of the year and for the other part it uses the digits under the mm.
    I've been fighting this bug for over a year now. Thought I had sussed it with forcing the format to be consistant, but seems i've failed.
    Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know of a solution. I can't find anything at microsoft's website but that dosn't mean its not there.

    Feel free to email me on this one at

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    When passing a date variable to SQL in code you MUST use US Format, so don't just pass the date, but rather:
    Format(yourdate, "mm/dd/yyyy")
    Format(yourdate, "Medium Date")



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    Danny thanks for your reply,
    Just wish it was that simple.

    If I do what you say I get dd/mm/yyyy from about 13th to the 30th and then it reverts to mm/dd/yyyy as soon as the day <= 12
    And as I said when I use the datepart "y" option it gives out incorrect days even if the format looks correct.

    It does seem to have something to do with using the function Now() I am getting better results using date() but time will tell if thats true.


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