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    Unanswered: how to zap a Foxpro table using Delphi


    Situation: I need to work with FoxPro DBF's but without using the BDE, for this I use an ADOtable component, works fine until ...

    TheProblem: I can delete in the table but his means remarking for deletion, he doesn't acctualy removes the records fysicaly, in foxpro we can use a zap command to remove them but I don't know the trick true Delphi, so the trick I seek is to really remove the records fysicaly from the fox pro table true the ADO component.

    Help most welcome,


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    Red face Re: how to zap a Foxpro table using Delphi

    Same problem But From VB:
    try to execute a sql delete comand usig execute method of Ado connection, then close the ado connection and reopen it. Now send to the fox pro tabe the foollowing string via ado connection execute method
    "pack FoxProFileName" where FoxProFileName is foxPro table name without extension dbf.

    but i'am also searching for somthing better
    Good luck!

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