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    Unanswered: TNS adapter error

    i have Oracle 8i for 98,NT and oracle 9i for all platforms. I am using the XP OS adn none of these software packages are working on my system just coming up with this adapter error. Do i have to enter something in my system variables?

    I am not able to interpret complicated DB jargon so any solutions would be much appreciated if spelt out as simply as possible.


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    Keep in mind that only Oracle 8i client software is certified on Windows XP and you still have to install a patched version of the installer. So make your choice here.

    For Oracle9i (Enterprise, Standard, Personal and Client software) you have Oracle support. However, only Windows XP Professional Edition is supported. There are no plans to support Windows XP Home Edition in the near future. That is true for Oracle 9.0.2.x.x

    Hope that helps,

    OCP - DBA


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