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    Question Unanswered: Snap-in failed to initialize

    Workstation Office 2000 - Installed SQL Server 2000 component tools only. After install open Enterprise Manager to set up the servers under Server groups - click on the +next to Microsoft SQL Servers and receive the following error:

    Snap-in failed to initialize
    Name: Microsoft SQL Enterprise manager

    We did a search on Microsofts knowledge base and was told that this situation occurs because SQL Server 2000 was released at a later date than Office 2000, and the Office 2000 Server Extensions installation routine does not recognize the SQL Server 2000 installation.

    Suggested fixes:
    run Setupse.exe with /nd extension - no setupse.exe file on Office 2000 installation CD.

    Set properties security tab of SQL server to SQL Server and Windows authentication method.

    These suggested fixes have not worked. We then uninstalled Office 2000 and installed Win 98 since we do not get this error on workstations having Win 98. We still receive the same error.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    snap in solution - odbcbcp.dll

    I had this exact same problem with SQL Server 2000. Also, when I tried to open the Query Analyzer, it gave an error concerning the file odbcbcp.dll. Somehow in the install this file and never been installed on my system. I just had to get this file from the CD (x86/system folder) and place it in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn\ folder. Problem solved.

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