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    OLAP Online - Pivot Table Object and DrillThrough


    I have an ActiveX Pivottable control on my site, with an OLAP datasource. Its all working beautifully - except my next hurdle is creating a drillthrough option that mimics the drillthrough functionality of the Cube Browser in Analysis Services.

    I'm scripting in javascript, on a .NET platform for this page of the application. I'm completely stuck at this point. I cannot seem to get anything to work when trying to return ANYTHING from a selected pivot cell.

    PivotTable.ActiveObject.Value = returns null even when cell is selected

    I've tried other objects and collections such as PivotAggregates, PivotData, etc. etc. etc.

    Can someone point me in the right direction for help here? Anyone ever done this?



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    Have you tried using PivotTable1.Selection? I am not sure what the syntax in JavaScript is, but in VBScript, you can use TypeName PivotTable1.Selection to figure out the type and you can obtain a pointer to the object using set Obj=PivotTable1.Selection

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