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    Unanswered: Sum of Grouped Data

    I have a report which groups data by line number. Within the line, I have textboxes which are performing SUM functions on the data from the query.

    I have selected line 1-5 and the system displays exactly what I want, but I would like to take it a step further.

    At the end of the report, I would like a COMPLETE sum of all the data displayed by the report. So the sum of line 1 + sum of line 2...... line 5.

    Simple Graphical Representation as follows:

    (note: total = ([bottles]+[caps]))

    Line 1:

    Bottles: 50 Caps: 55 Total: 105

    Line 2:

    Bottles: 50 Caps: 50 Total: 100

    Line 3:

    Bottles: 25 Caps: 25 Total: 50

    (What I am looking for

    Bottles: 125 Caps: 130 Total 2: 255

    Could you please help?

    Gregorio E. Gonzalez

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    I think this is possible using a sub report. You would need to write another query soemthing like count sected items on qryselectItems.

    You could then use the new query as the recordsource for a sub report and place that in the main report.

    This should give you the desired outcome.

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    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for (or if it will even work) but have you tried creating a text box with the following function in it:


    Place it in the report footer and it should total all Bottle Caps. Hope that helps.

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