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    Unanswered: Open form -- won't keep focus

    I have a form called frmOpening that opens when my application opens (through listing it on the startup dialog box under display form). I want it to open and then open another form called frmDailyEntry.

    I added a line of code OnOpen

    docmd.openform "frmDailyEntry"

    It opens it up all right, but then the focus goes back to frmOpening, putting frmDailyEntry in the background.

    Any ideas?
    Diane Utter
    City of Olympia, WA

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    Set form frmDailyEntry to Popup true.

    If you have any code running after you open the form, it may cause the focus to shift.

    if you do not have any other code then you could add after opening the form:



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