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    Can't help you with the attachment.

    and although I am confused about what you meant regarding "the code side" and "the access side," here is what I would do.

    First, and most obvious, is to perform a search on the function names. You can search the current procedure, the current module or the whole DB.

    Next, one would have to look at the controls that might be calling the mystery code. Each control can have many events, and forms and reports themselves have events themselves that might call a function.

    Perhaps, place a break point or msgbox in the code and exercise the likely oprtions of the database, see if you stumble across an event that cause the code to be executed.

    Finally, use a tool to search the database to see if the code is dead.
    Some clever person at this site directed my attention to a $200 tool called "speed ferret." This tool works with a number of database platforms and will perform robust searches. On a search and replace, the tool displays the 'hits' and allows you to selectively replace items. That might be somthing to pursue.
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    When I said the code side and the access side, I meant the actual database form or design view inside MS Access itself, and the VBA code view inside Microsoft Visual Basic Editor, both interconnected but both displayed with two different programs.

    I was just looking for a quick and easy way of checking what controls called u which functions. rather than checking each event on each control.

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