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    Red face Unanswered: Calculated Field in Subform


    I have a calculated field in a subform (A x B) lets call it total1

    I want to find the total value of all the rows relating to total1.

    I have placed a count in the the footer of the form i.e =Count(total1)

    However all i get is #error when I try and run the form.

    Thanks in advance....


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    sounds like you're trying to sum the values in the column so you should probably use Sum instead of Count. Are you placing the formula in the subform footer or the main form footer? If it's in the subform then what you did should work. If it's in the main form you should try something like =sum(me!subform!total1). Alternatively, you could try placing your formula in the subform as you have it and refer to that text box from the main form like =me!subform!GrandTotal

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