We are using DB2 Connect (7.1) to access a DB2 database on OS390 (DB2 6.1). (Application server is WebSphere 3.5.2 adv on Unix Sun). When invoking a COBOL stored procedure on the Mainframe through our java program AND attempting to bring back more than 50 - 75 **(not sure of the exact number) rows of data (about 344 bytes each row of data), we get the following exception error:

com.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2Exception: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL30020N Execution failed because of a Distributed Protocol Error that will affect the successful execution of subsequent commands and SQL statements: Reason Code "2202". SQLSTATE=58009.

When we attempt to bring back 50 ** rows or less, the stored procedure and DB2 Connect will work with no error.

When this same stored procedure and java code is run in our test WebSphere environment (using individual PC's - VAJ 3.5.2) we cannot recreate. We can bring back a large number of rows with no error.

** Note: I'm not sure of the exact number of rows. Since this happened prior to production implementation, we just set a bogey number of only allowing the user to bring back 50 rows at a time to get around the problem temporarily.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,