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    Unanswered: Sybase for production?

    Hello all,
    I am pretty new in Sybase world( It is not well know when compared to Oracle or MSSQL Server Databases ). When I was checking out databases for complex websites, I came to Sybase as last stop.
    Reasons I plan to use Sybase: scalable, stable, and not too expensive.
    Offcourse other reason is that I can use in production when I see my business growing without having any initial cost.

    Anyway I have 2 questions to ask,
    1. Anybody using for production on websites?
    2. What kind of system do you have? I mean do you seperate database server from webserver for performance/security?

    I am developer not an admin but have to handle admin tasks my self as well, I ordered a book from amazon but till it comes I would like to see some reactions also.

    Thanks in advance

    PS: My prev email get lost when this forum lost some threads.

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    606 ( runs ASE on FreeBSD in production use:

    It runs well but there are some weird issues with BSD's linux emulation layer. ASE 11 runs fine on Linux, however.


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    I developed a site based on this version of Sybase. It has a moderate load and has never crashed after 1.5 years of operation. Apache and database are on the same Linux machine.

    My opinion is that it is the best and most stable choice for a freebie.

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    Anything I should be aware of when developing database on this version?
    Any tip? do or donts?

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