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    Unanswered: Copy data from previous record automatically - repost

    I posted the following message last week and was notified that I received several replies. Unfortunately, I did not get to read the replies and my post seems to be one of the ones that were lost. If you replied earlier could you please do so again. - Thanks.

    I am trying to automatically fill in certain fields automatically for a new record on a form. I found this reference in an access book. "If a group of records commonly has the same data in a number of fields in a series of records, create a command button or hot key for copying all data (or a subset of data) from the previous record, or copy data from the previous record automatically when a new record is created, using the form’s BeforeInsert event."However, the book does not say anything else on how to do this. What code is needed to make this happen? I think i would prefer to use the BeforeInsert event.

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    You can only use this feature in forms.
    You need to write codes which will copy data from previous record.

    You can use each field's Enter event to call the code.

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    Take a look at this has the solution to your problem.

    Acess 2000- Developer's Handbook by Sybex aroung 45-50 bucks.

    It has all the code and instructions that you will need to carry records forward on your form.

    Hope this helps!
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    Link below may help you.

    Forms: Carry current value of a control to new records


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    This link has full detail on how to do this

    Ron Frend

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