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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Using VB to link progression of forms

    Is there any way to use VB (contained in a commend button or something) to progress two separate forms (a main form and a subform) simultaneously? This is as opposed to having to advance them through the records individually. Thanks! -Granitetime

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    Not sure I follow you, do you mean that you want records on the main form to be in sync with records on the subform ie last name first name on main form, hobbies on subform? I dont understand why you would need two forms for something like that. But if you did want that, you could do: Private Sub TabCtl30_Change()
    [Subform: Asset Info (Secondary Information)].Requery
    [Subform: Manufaturing Information].Requery
    End Sub
    I use this code to refresh a subform that is on a seperate tab on a main form. This only works because on the second subform I have a text box set up to =forms!general_form!assetnumber and then I have the query that gets the data for the subform set up with a criteria to look at that text box to find out what data to display. It was the long way around the house to get to the front door, but I had secondary reasons for it. I would sugest making it as simple as posable for maintenance at least. hope this helps, and if not just explane why and maybe I can think of something. Regards

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