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    Unanswered: Network users corrupt the database.

    Thanks for taking a look.

    Here is the setup: I have two mdb files sitting on file server with total of 80+ users with about 20 to 30 users connected at any given moment. Once in a while the databses get corrupted. Nothing access repair cant handle, but still very unpleasant. Especially since sometimes it can happen 4/5 times a day.

    Now I am aware of the fact that Microsoft stated they are officially not responsible for Access over network if there are more than 5-6 users. And databases and applications are being migrated to SQL Server right now. However, there are several reasons why Id like to know if anyone has a similar experience:
    1. First of all Id like to be sure the problem is with network not the code. So far all the clues point to network, but I have no hard evidence
    2. Only the users with Win 2000 on their workstation cause the problem. 98 or XP seems to be doing fine, although only 2 users run XP, and 98 did corrupted mdb once (in almost 2 years)
    3. One of the two mdb files seems to crash a lot more often than the other. The one that crashes more often is about 9 times bigger in size.

    Thanks again.
    Ill appreciate any help, advise or opinion.

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    Network Trafic

    From what you describe, and based on what I have seen, I think you are correct in assuming that it is a network issue. From your user base I am assuming that you have a moderate sized network. What I am thinking is happening is that the packets to your users pcs are getting crossed or being delayed causing the app to freak out and kill itself. I say this for a few reasons, first of all you are right access is not set up for that many users, and I have seen it send the wrong data sets over the network with many users. And secondly all OS handle data packets slightly differently. Not enough to make any big diff, may process it faster because of more threads available or other OS coding. Combining those things it is reasonable to say that at times a data packet could be lost or misdirected. With heaver network traffic the occurrence could happen more often. If you are moving to SQL I would not worry to much about it. Just make the move fast . BTW if you use access as a front end to SQL I dont think you will have the same problem, Access has the most difficulty when managing tables.

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    Also...If any kind of work is being done on the server where the .mdb is stored and their are open connections to that .mdb, this could cause serious problems as well. I speak from personal experience on this issue. As far as I have seen MS Access works great as a front end to SQL Server but remember, the SQL is slightly different between the two databases.
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