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    Multiple Primary Keys to single foreign key

    I am creating a database for a factory that contains three tables: one with a list of Lines that are currently running, one of Support Departments that are running and one for Product Types that are made on each line. The problem that I found is linking the Product Type table back to the line/support department tables. I have a Primary Key LineId in the Line table and SupportDeptId in the Support Department table. I would like to only have one foreign key in the ProductSize table, but the only way I can find to do that is to create a middle table with lines and/or support department ids, and to link through that table. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you,
    Joe Fiorini

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    Why do you only want one foreign key in the table?
    Usually a foreign key is just implemented as an index. You pay a little performance penalty on inserts/updates, but not as much as creating a new table.

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    Could you be more descriptive as to the relationships between the tables ? - I am unclear as to these relationships. How does the support department relate to the other tables ?

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