I am trying to combine the data from multiple records into one record. Here's the deal.

Our company serves customers in specific territories of the state. We identify these territories by the section and township. For those unfamiliar, a section is typically 1 square mile, and a township consists of a 6 by 6 grid of sections. So 36 sections to a township. Each section is numbered from 1 to 36.

My problem is this. The data I received from the company files has each section we serve as a separate record in the database. The current database contains a [township] field and a [section] field. If we serve all 36 sections of a township, we will have 36 records in the database. I would like to build a table with a [township] field and a separate field for each section (i.e., [1], [2], ..., [36]). I would like to find all the sections for a particular township, and update the new table with a "Yes" in the appropriate field.

Any ideas?