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    Post Unanswered: User selected re-order of lists


    Can anyone suggest how to provide functionality for a user to re-order the records in a table from with in a form. ie.

    A form displaying key, forename and surname fields from a table

    1 John Brown
    2 Paul Black
    3 Julia Green

    the user selecting the new order on the form

    1 Paul Black
    2 John Brown
    3 Julia Green

    with the table being updated accordingly.


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    The order shown is alphabetic and could be queried to manipulate to this order.

    I have thought about this for some time, as I need to do it in an application I have in mind and this is an area which is tricky.

    My current thoughts are to have a table which is my order by table, and attach client ID numbers to it. I can then change the client ID or the order number to manipulate location in the screen list.

    I would not reorder the table, there is no real need, as this is easily done through various queries.

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