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    Cool Unanswered: forcing applications


    I have been requested automate a process to kill applications that are accessing a view/table so we have no locking issues during an update process. db2governor will not work as the users will change and i dont want to kill all users connected to the db only the ones that r accessing the view/table. my thoughts were of possibly querying the system catalog tables and getting information back on applic's that are currently accessing this view/table. has anyone got a suggestion on how i might get around this issue.


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    My immediate suggestion would be to use snapshot monitor on the specific table and extract the lock information and then force the respective connections.

    I mean:

    1. Get SNAPSHOT for locks (or ALL) on a specific table say TAB1

    2. Extract the LOCK information and the APPLID/HANDLE either by using the Shell script or AWK.

    3. Now just force the specific APPLID/HANDLE

    I hope this helps......

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