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    Unanswered: mail merge

    Can someone tell me the best way to setup mail merge using access 2000. What I really want is to just be able to click on a button in a form after selecting the required records and for the selected data to be automatically merged into an MS Word document. Is this possible, if so how can it be done.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you familiar with Automation? If not I would like to refer you to a very good book on programming Access.

    Title: Programming Access 2000 Professional
    Publisher: Wrox Press
    Price: 45-55 dollars

    NOTE: In order to do what you want to do, will require what is called Automation. This basically is nothing more than accessing the properties,methods and objects of any given application within MS Office. In your case MS Word. I reccommend a book to you for two reasons. Their is too much code and directions to put in a post and you would learn more about it, if you had a reference manual on the subject.

    Once you get a feel for Automation, you will then see how powerful it can be, especially to the Access programmer and you will be able to incorporate it in many of your future applications...I know, I use it all the time.

    I hope this helps!!
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