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    Post Unanswered: An error to test your expertise

    I have a 97 database running on a 2000 machine that as of Friday was working flawlessly. Now, however it will error out when you try to run a graph. Everyone was interrogated and confirmed that NOTHING was changed on the machine & app between the said time frame. I can open other databases without error and even an older backup of the in questioned database. When you click the command button to generate a graph it responds with "MSACCESS.exe has generated errors..." and then closes the program. I have registered all the dll's and did basically everything Microsoft suggested. Of course, to no avail. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    You could try stepping through the code to see where the error is.

    Compact and repair.

    Import all items to a new Access 97 database.

    Memory fails me here, did Access 97 offer the repair on uninstall?

    Reinstall the application front end.

    Reinstall Office 97.

    One of these must work for you.

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