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    Unanswered: query too complex, out of memory

    What exactly do these errors mean? Can Access not handle queries that include too many fields? or too many underlying queries? I got the out of memory error in a machine with 1GB of ram.

    Also was wondering if anyone knew how many fields a union query can handle. It crapped out on me with 12 tables with about 6 fields each.

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    examples? chances are really really good that i will just be forced to say "i dunno" as explanation for the errors

    i'm just curious what a query looks like that is "too complex"


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    Is your query in a loop? If it is than that is most likely your prob. Your loop is running with no way to stop and it is using up all the memory.

    If your query is not in a loop than I have to say "dunno" as well.
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