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    Unanswered: How can I detect if a temp table already exist

    I am writing a database application using VB. My application rely heavily on temp tables.
    My question is:

    "How can I detect if a temp table already exist."

    Mind you, that the database engine is “INFORMIX SE” running on a Unix machine. The connection to the database is done through ODBC.

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    SE is a weird situation. It will create temporary files in your DBTEMP directory.

    You could always do a

    select * from temptable
    where 0=1

    and check on syntax errors....

    If it were IDS, an onstat -g ses <sess-id>
    would give you the list of temporary tables of that session.
    SE doesn't have a sysmaster database, so I don't know where it stores this information...

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