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    Talking Unanswered: Security Problem

    User who want to use my database need to login the system since I have made a workgroup file for the database. For example, a user called "tom" use the system. "tom" has right to edit/add/delete data of a table called customer.
    My question is how to allow him to edit/add/delete data by using my application but not allow him edit/add/delete data directly in the table?

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    Your question seems to have many diff answers, but they all have one thing in common. For a user to acess the data in the table and change it they have to have read/write acess. If you dont want them to open the table and edit it straight from there then you will have to build a form. Even if you used a view (ie a query that showed just the data that they need to edit) that user will still need read/write acess to the underlying table. I hope this helps. Regards
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