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    just a short question, that may get a long answer.

    I programmed in Clipper, beginnig from Summer 87 up to 5.2. Now I want to go to Windows. After looking and searching around I found 2 dialects, that might fit. Alaska xBase++ and VisualFoxpro.

    Can anybody tell me, what good or bad sides this dialects have? So that I can decide where to go.

    Thank you for all helpfull answers.


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    After working with DBase, FoxPro and Clipper I would highly recommend Visual FoxPro (current version 7). It's been a truly objected orient language for over 8 years (unlike Visual Basic which just joined the OOP paradigm recently). It has a rich set of command and functions allowing the programmer to design RAD systems with little or no effort. If there was a down side to VFP it would be the small number fields allowed (254, good normalization design gets around this), no auto-incrementing data types and the harassment you get from other programmers when you tell them you develop in FoxPro. "FoxPro, what..." is the general response. But there's some sense of joy knowing I can respond to a challenge and whip out an application in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or months by my counterparts in VB/C++ and Java. If this sounds like an advertisement it is because I work with a multitude of languages and found Visual FoxPro my choice in developing. I work for a large company whos entire business is built around VFP and SQL Server. Before I came here I used VFP as a data centric tool and soon discovered that VFP can do much more than just handling databases. It's a powerful tool unfortunately we just happen to be the Rodney Dangerfield's of the programming world, we get no respect.

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