I'm very new at this and need a hand. I'm trying to create a calculated member for a cube that will give me the value of the current member divided by the value of it's parent. My dimension is "Plant"/"Unit"/"Type". I have a distinct count of members as my measure. The data shows when I view it as:

Plant Unit Type Count
ABC 1000
ABCD 800
123A 300
432F 500
EFGH 200
586H 200

I would like to be able to get the syntax to return the count from the parent to the child in a calculated member but cannot seem to get it. If I pull the value of the parent in the hierarchy, then I would assume if returns the string of the parent, i.e. the parent of 123A would be ABCD. Can anyone help me with pointing out where I'm screwing up?

Thanks a lot.