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    Question Unanswered: Insert table fields via form

    The following problem which I can't really solve.

    I need to create a list on which teacher can say if someone is absent or not. But!

    The courses do not have an equally amount of lessons. Course 1 has 9 lessons and course 2 has 12 lessons.

    I have no idea how to create the tables in which I can put this.

    Example of the data:

    SOE_NR NAME Lesson1(y/n) Lessons2(y/n) etc

    The SOE_NR is the primary key of the students. Name speaks for itself.
    Lesson1(y/n) means if someone is absent or not. But like I said earlier, there are serveral courses with different nummer of lessons.

    Furthermore I need to calculate the number of times when someone is absent (or not) so a fixed number of LessonX fields is not possible(at least that is what I think).

    Can anyone help me?!

    Thanks in advance,

    Thijs Kromhout
    The Netherlands

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    I would create a Third table "Absences" in wich you would have say 5 columns as follows: Class_ID, Class_Name, Student_ID, Student_Name and a fith column of Absent in the form of a yes/no column. Having this colum you can create a one to many relationship with the course table. and also be able to reference student info. If you need to know who the teacher is that info should be stored on the course table, at least a teacher ID so that the info could be inturn refrenced from the Teacher info table. The one to many relationship will alow you to put many entries per course, but not always the same number of entries per course. This should help you, and If i did a bad explanation, Im sure I can try again or someone else can clean it up. Just let us know

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