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    Unanswered: unrecognized database format error

    Hi all,

    we have an Access 97 application running at a customer site. The number of users recently changed from 2 to 5. On these PC's also Access 2000 is installed. Each couple of days following error pops up: "unrecognized database format". The database can be brought online again by these steps:
    1. everybody quits the app
    2. do compact/repair

    Now I'm having following questions:
    1. Is there a permanent solution for this problem?
    2. Can a upgrade of the application to Access 2000 be a solution?
    (switching to MSDE isn't really what the customer wants because of the price)


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    Here is an article on the problems of running Access 2000 and Access 97 together on the same machine. Hope it proves helpful.

    Run Access 2000 and Access 97 on the Same Computer
    August 13, 1999
    With some careful steps during installation, you can run both Microsoft Access 2000 and Access 97 on the same computer. However, because both versions of Access use the same file name for the main program (Msaccess.exe), you must install each version in a different folder. To avoid mixed settings and errors when you run Access 97, you must also install (or reinstall) Access 97 after you install Access 2000.
    In a typical installation, Access 2000 removes the Access 97 Retail License key from the Windows® registry. If you retain Access 97 in the default installation location and try to start the program, you encounter an error — because the license key is missing, Access 97 does not start.
    To avoid this problem, remove Access 97 and delete the Hatten.ttf font file from the computer. Then install Access 2000. After you complete your Access 2000 installation, you can reinstall Access 97 in a different folder.
    If you have already installed Access 2000 and Access 97 in the same folder, and you are encountering errors, you can correct the problem by using the following procedure.
    To reinstall Access 97 on a computer that has Access 2000 installed
    1. In Control Panel, click the Add/Remove Programs icon and remove Access 2000.
    2. Click the Add/Remove Programs icon again and remove Access 97.
    3. In Windows Explorer, search the computer for a file named Hatten.ttf and delete it.
    The default location is C:\<windir>\fonts.
    4. Start the Windows Registry Editor and delete the following subkey:
    \Shared Tools\MSO97.dll.
    5. Install Access 2000 in the default installation location.
    6. Install Access 97 in a different folder.
    For example, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Access 97.
    Note If you installed Access 97 from the Microsoft Office 97 Professional CD-ROM, you might receive the following error message during the reinstallation process: "Bdrintl.dll was unable to register itself in the system registry." This error indicates that you did not delete the MSO97.dll subkey from the Windows registry.


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