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    Unanswered: Linking tables using VBA

    I've got a small problem, I'msure its easy to do but for some reason my head is not working today.

    I have a database that uses pricing tables from another database called Tables.mdb. Unfortunatly, these tables have French field names, which at the moment is no problem because I can just manually rename the fields. However, when I get an update of the prices they will again have French field names, meaning renaming the fields again.

    As we will get updates at reasonably regular periods, I was wondering if there was a way to create the links using VBA and rename the fields whilst creating the link, or is the best way to import the tables into the main database, or just to update the values of the tables into the the English fields without linking the tables.

    I realise this isn't the most concise of descriptions, but if anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think I would import the tables and use an "educated" update query to migrate the data. You would have to tell the update query which field lines up with which, but once done the query would be permanent, and you would always import the table to the same table name.

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