I am building a matching system that screams, “match!” whenever someone wants to buy the exact same thing, someone else wants to sell.

To view this in real time I have made a ticker, based on a query that matches the in and outgoing offers. The ticker requeries the Query and updates on a timer.

Whenever a new match occurs I want to give the user an alert. As this alert works now, there is a recordcount that counts if the MatchQuery has more records than on the previous OnTimer event. If so, there is a simple beep and I change the ForeColor of a button red…. Very lame.
I would rather the latest added record was coloured, bolded etc. ...

Q1.) How can I distinguish the latest addition(s) to the recordset instead of simply counting if there are more records than previously?

Q2.) Also , can I, in the MatchQuery, make an expression field that becomes a MathedDate? A Now() or a Date() that is set in this expressionfield everytime a new match record shows up in the MatchQuery. Now I only have the incoming offers date and the outgoing offers date. That will not tell me when the match arised . Making the ticker rather crappy.

Q3.) The boss would like if there was a bing also when a new match turns up in the Ticker. The built in beep isn´t the nicest sound on earth. Can I make the code play a .wav or something with a little smoother bing?

Grateful for your help, time and expertise,