I am having some trouble with a form which contains a standard access 2000 tab control. My main form contains a parent record displaying an unbound calc'd control with contact's name and workplace, and a hidden contactid, an unbound lookup control, and a button to (hopefully) add a new contact. Then on different pages of a tab control I have subforms, most of which link to the hidden contactid on the parent. Everything works great until I try to have an on_click button event on the parent form try to set the focus to a certain page of the tab control and display its subform. I get errors trying to setfocus or docmd.gotocontrol. Is there some secret way to bring up a certain tabpage and its corresponding subform? I used the old tab.ocx in access97 and could do this easily, but I can't use that old ocx in 2000 and am embarassed to say I am stuck...

So how do I "move" to a particular tabcontrol page/its subform in an event?!? Just can't get the syntax right.

Thanks for ANY help!