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    Unanswered: SQL2000 Mail Setup

    Email profiles do not appear under the Support Services drop down. We do not user MS Exchange for email, rather some propriety IMAP config. I've setup up the email to work in outlook on the same server that sql2000 is sitting on but the profile does not appear in sql. clicking the test (after keying in a profile name from outlook) button results in an error "18025:xp_test_map_profile: failed with mail error 0x80070057".
    Any one with any ideas why? online help doesnt help!
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    When using outlook (or exchang32client), you have to login with the account on your server to create the mapi profile. If you want a email profile “calle” to send you have to login with the account “calle”. Then login as admin and config SQL Mail to the e-mail profile.

    I hope this fix your problem


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