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    Unanswered: Problems making a report

    I do have a database a book firm.
    There are such tables:
    Books, Partners,Orders,Orders details,

    I do need to make a report showing by partners which books and when they have ordered.It should look like:

    Partner 1

    ............... 23.12.01 25.12.01 22.04.02

    1.Book A......2
    2.Book B ........................ 2.............. 2
    3.Book C......2

    The same for each parner (the dates should be the dates of the orders made by this partner and they are uniqe for each of them)

    Could you please help me how it could be done.
    Thank you

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    Make your query as you wish, make sure you select the partner number, then on the form, add a group on a field. You'll have to specify if you want the field to be ordered in ascending or descending order. Then, you can add group header and group footer, on the header, you will put the name of the partner and his number so it will not be repeated in the detail part. Use the assistant to test a sample form, the assistant will ask you about grouping value, chose a field and look the result.

    Sorry, I can't help you more since I don't know you datas structures

    JefB - hope it helps

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