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Thread: token passing

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    Unanswered: token passing

    Gackk. Can anyone tell me how to get token passing working correctly in FM 5.0

    I have a page called search_results. On that page I have the following:

    <input name="-token.1" type="hidden" id="-token.1" value="[FMP-FindFieldItem]">

    This page also uses a link to link to any record in the found set:

    <a href=FMPro?-DB=isodb&-Format=search_details.htm&-layout=searchdetail&-Op=equals&serialno=[FMP-FIELD:serialno]&-Script=count%20detail&-max=10&-Find>TextTextText</a>

    My assumption (steered by Filemaker CDML reference) is that this token will be passed to the format page, in this case, search_details.htm

    On search_details page I have the following:

    Here is what I see:
    I perform my search which takes me to the search_results page. If I view source I indeed see that the -token.1 has been set to the field name specified in the search.

    I then click on one of the links.
    Where I should see the value of the token on search_details page, I don't.

    I don't know that it matters but search_results page is not a form. Since I use a link rather than a submit button there was no need for a form.

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    Post token passing

    <a href="FMPro?-token.2=[fmp-field:canbefieldname]&-token.1=[fmp-currenttoken:1]&-token.9=[fmp-currenttoken:9]&-token.3=[FMP-Currenttoken:3]&what ever you need to do here like -edit"> pass it</a>

    This works for me.

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