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    Unanswered: update query

    I understand that I need to create a update query, I just dont know how. It seems that I need to have 2 "where" criterias (but then again what do I know)I get confused at the "update to" part of the query grid.

    The blank or 0 records of table main, field meta_data_id need to be updated by records 13-2151 of table metadata, field metadata_id.

    Can someone please show me how (and if) i can do this?

    Thanks so much

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    In an Update Query, you have the following options:
    Field: is the source field to update from, you can also type anything inside it to upadate date . ex. if you type "123" then it will be updated to the destination as 123.
    Table: is the source table, it should left balnk you type a custom source field.
    Update To: is the field to be updated.
    Criteria: here where you can filter the select statment, i.e ISNULL to choose null data or Like "sample" to filter or < > etc..
    Before doing the update, try to view the query to check your data.

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