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    Question Unanswered: Tempdb Growing Very Fast

    Hello All.

    I notice this morning that my tempdb grows very fast. I have 36GB in my drive D and within an hour, the tempdb gas grown to 32GB in size and still growing very fast. I have no choice but to stop the query from continuing to run to prevent the same thing from happening last night.

    My SQL 7 was installed in drive C. tempdb is in both drive C and D. Don't ask me why it was done this way. I guess we do not have enough disk space in drive C and D was extended. My actual database was residing in K drive with lots of HD space left.

    Tempdb was set to auto grow.

    Last evening, I ran a simple script to load 6900 records from a table into another table. The 1st table was 25MB in size and 2nd table was 0 records at starting. I couldn't use DTS to do this load because there were a few more reference tables involved but they are quite small in size and with not too many records.

    The script has been working fine since last year and I do not encounter such problem until last evening.

    Any idea what went wrong? Is there something wrong with my SQL 7 s/w? Your advise is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Best regards
    Teck Boon

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    You can truncate the log size that will free you with some space.
    goto enterprise manager right click the database and view th db in taskpad mode and then shrink the files
    otherwise you can use thse to shrink the log

    dbcc shrinkfile ('origination_log' ,10)

    backup log <name of database> with truncate_only

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