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    Unanswered: how to view a field?

    hi guys,

    I have a db. and a table
    and the fields are

    id title text.

    I enter long texts to my db using a form page. I have no problem with listing my entries... What I want to do is to view the text of a specific entry.

    Suppose that, list.php lists my entries.
    I want to write a script that views the text of a specific entry
    sth like


    I want to print the text on the screen But unfortunately I can't succeed...
    I tried to select the "text" field with my sql query but it didn't work

    please help me alittle...

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    what database? mysql? try putting backticks around the text column name

    select id, title, `text`
    from yourtable

    text is a reserved word, see 6.1.2 Database, Table, Index, Column, and Alias Names


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