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    Unanswered: Crosstab query

    I am trying to make the crosstab query, which would be showing for each partner such table:
    The list of books, the dates of orders and the numbers of the sertain book ordered.
    When in constructor i ad the field Orderer and give the exact value- everething is going ok, but when in the field i enter [] For the request of the number of orderer, it gives me the error message "[] Couldn`t be recognized by the Mcirosoft Jet" What could it be?
    And also I would like to use this query in the report.How can I make it (the dates of orders differs for each orderer.Thank you for your help

    TRANSFORM Count([ShopsQ].Number) AS [Count-Number]
    SELECT [ShopsQ].[Bookkode], [ShopsQ].Author, [ShopsQ].Name, Count([ShopsQ].Number) AS [Total Number]
    FROM [ShopsQ]
    GROUP BY [ShopsQ].[Bookkode], [ShopsQ].Author, [ShopsQ].Name
    PIVOT Format([QDate],"Short Date");

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    A field [] is an invalid file name, Microsoft cannot use that, if you want, you can change [] by a value.

    If you want to use the crosstab query in a form, simply create a Query object, and use that query as the form source, but, make sure you don't generate error, some field name of the query might not be present each time you run the query, and other will be added.

    JefB - hope it helps

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